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Life Through My Eyes

Welcome To Perspective By Zena T.

Hello PBZT Family!

Perspective By Zena T. is my small piece of the world wide web on which I share life through my eyes. I’ve always been a very introverted person who doesn’t easily open up about anything that I’m feeling, but I’ve found that God has given me the skill of easily expressing myself in writing, therefore I created this blog to share life from my perspective. I write about lessons learned from personal experiences in the hope that I can help someone, if only through my words.

When you come to this blog and take a few moments to peek into life from my perspective, you will see my view on current events & occurrences in the world around me near and far. I share my thoughts on my spiritual growth as I walk through my daily life’s journey and my personal relationship with God. You’ll see my views on the day’s top news stories & any other random topics that happen to be on my mind. You’ll see my heartfelt written expressions about the people who’ll forever fill up special pockets of my heart & that I love and care for most in the world. I like to think of my blog as sort of my online journal that I can share with the world.

After reading words written straight from my mind, heart & soul I hope that you’re left with new found perspective on various subjects. I hope that you are left feeling inspired, enlightened, educated & encouraged. It is also my hope that anyone reading my words sees into my heart and gets to know just a little bit of me.

Thank you for taking a moment to peek into life as I see it.

Zena T.💜