Soulmates #4 (To be continued )


I recently attended a wedding and while sitting there I started to think about the idea of everyone finding a soul mate. Some people believe there is a special person in the world for all of us, someone who we are meant to be in a loving committed relationship with for the rest of our lives. I am not so sure I believe that theory. I guess I’m unsure about how I feel because I’ve witnessed so many relationships/marriages fail. So many people in the world today think they’ve met their soulmate, they get married, stay in the marriage for a while only for it to end in divorce because the two people in the relationship have grown apart. I feel that if a person is one’s soulmate, with effort from both parties in the relationship it should be able to withstand all obstacles or problems that the couple is presented with.

If you feel someone is your soul mate then you should be willing to do whatever it takes to stay committed to that person. I think my parents could be considered an example of real soulmates, because they started dating while in middle school, got married just a few years after graduating high school and stayed married until my father’s death. I believe that they truly loved each other until death and even after almost seventeen years of being a widow my mother hasn’t married again. It is my belief that if God truly created a soulmate for each person he created then there would not be a need for divorce to exist.💜

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