The Queen’s Walk Around Heaven #75

It has been two months and six days (67 days) since my Grandma Freda silently slipped away from this life, the pain of her physical absence has been much worse to bare than I ever imagined, but I believe where there is great grief, there was great love which is wholeheartedly true in regard to my bond with Grandma Freda. I’m enormously grateful for the huge spot that she occupied in my life for nearly thirty-nine years.

I’m sure it seems crazy to some people, but I’ve been trying to imagine what it was like the moment that Grandma Freda made it to the pearly gates and entered Heaven and what her first few days in her eternal home were like. I like to imagine that after walking through her earthly sojourn for 97 years, when she got to Heaven’s entrance, she heard the words we should all be striving to hear, “well done good and faithful servant.” I hope that after hearing those words Grandma felt unspeakable, indescribable joy and peace of mind. I hope her strength is eternally renewed and that as soon as she crossed Heaven’s threshold, she was immediately freed of congestive heart failure, diabetes, that pesky colostomy bag she so passionately hated & any other health problems that plagued her during her earthly life. I hope that she was instantly relieved of any worries, doubts and fears she experienced in her 97-year earthly sojourn. Now, she can walk around Heaven as long as she wants.

After seeing the faces of God and Jesus & having a little conversation with them, I hope the reunion of loved ones started. Although Grandma was not a hugger in this life, I like to imagine that she got a chance to hug and talk to her daddy who she never really knew because his earthly life ended when Grandma was just a little girl aged 2. I hope she was reunited with her wonderful mother who she learned a multitude of life lessons from and talked about constantly. Oh, what a magical time I imagine she is having with all her siblings as they are now reunited with their baby sister. I like to imagine that she found my Granddaddy, if you really knew them in this life then you know just how that reunion probably went. I like to imagine that Grandma couldn’t wait to tell Granddaddy all about what’s been going on in the family for the last twenty-three years since he left this side of life, as if he hasn’t been watching over us. I know she and Granddaddy were both smiling from cheek to cheek when she started talking about their great grandchildren who Granddaddy never got a chance to know in this life. I imagine that just as in this life, Granddaddy probably said something to her in a teasing way that he knew was going to upset her and Grandaddy was probably tickled pink to know that she still falls for that trick. Grandma Freda probably walked away from Grandaddy singing. Oh, how I miss watching their unique love.

I hope that as Grandma continued to walk around getting acclimated to life in Heaven, she ran into her son-in-law who was my daddy and my paternal grandparents. I hope that they conversed for a little while about how my mom, my brother and I have been doing. I hope that Grandma Freda tells Daddy all about his amazingly awesome grandchildren Tristan and Zola. I’m sure she pronounced Tristan’s name wrong as usual. I envision Grandma Freda meeting up with her niece Mae Mae, and I’m sure that Mae Mae told Grandma how to find every single family member in Heaven. I imagine that Grandma’s captivating singing talent is completely restored and she has been made a member of Heaven’s Angelic Mass Choir, a soloist in fact. At her first choir rehearsal (yes, in my imagination there is still choir rehearsal in Heaven) I hope she saw one of her best friends, Mrs. Virginia Scott. I imagine that whenever Grandma has a solo to sing, Ms. Virginia and her daughter Juanita will be playing Heaven’s organ and piano back-to-back just as they did for numerous years at Grandma Freda’s beloved Beulah Land Church. I see her lifelong friend Mr. H. A. Scott singing in the choir as well, his beautiful voice completely renewed.

I’m sure that one of the first people that Grandma probably looked for when she made it to Heaven was another one of her lifelong best friends, Mr. Rodgers Harmon and his family who she grew up in church with. I wonder how Granddaddy felt about that. I hope she found Mrs. Johnie Bell Anderson; I can’t even imagine what their first conversation was like I’m certain the friendship was rekindled just as if no time had passed at all. I hope that as she continued to walk around Heaven, she found other lifelong friends like Mrs. Annie Mae Vaughn and Mrs. Lille Mae Anderson and their husbands. I hope that she has been reunited with loyal and kind neighbors who became like family such as Mr.& Mrs. W.R. McCoy, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Woolfolk and Mrs. Billie Rose Jones. Grandma Freda was a talker, a real people person in this life, and I am sure she is the same in Heaven I see her making conversation with everyone that she passes as she walks around Heaven, she’s stopping to talk to people she knew in this life and those she is just meeting. I hope that Grandma has gotten a chance to see anyone who is in Heaven that was a member of Beulah Land since she was baptized in 1936, I hope she’s found Beulah Land Church members like Ms. Azzie Lee Clark, Mrs. Mary Lee Knight, Mrs. Nancy Davis, Mrs. Lillie Coleman & Grandma’s cousin Cicero Story. As she continued her walk familiarizing herself with Heaven, I am very certain that she put in a big effort to find her dear Dr. William Thompson and Mr. David Pattenotte, two souls who meant a great amount to her. There are so many precious souls that I like to imagine that Grandma Freda has come into contact with in Heaven simply because they meant something to her on this side of life.

I’m certain that Grandma Freda’s first two months in Heaven have been incredible. Grandma Freda had a great life during her 97-year earthly sojourn, God allowed her to do all that her heart desired. I hope that her life in Heaven is a million times greater than what her earthly life was. I hope that as Grandma Freda continues to walk around her eternal home, she is filled with nothing, but joy and happiness and she is surrounded by infinite love. I pray that someday many years from now that Grandma Freda and I are reunited, and we can walk around Heaven together.

That’s just my perspective💜

2 thoughts on “The Queen’s Walk Around Heaven #75

  1. Linda Henderson Hill July 24, 2021 / 9:00 am

    I truly enjoyed reading this Zena. Your perspective on your Grandmother’s life after death reminds us all of the joy that awaits us when we leave this world. Ms Freda lives on through you. Thank you for sharing. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zena T. July 26, 2021 / 8:56 am

      Mrs. Hill,
      Thank you very much for your kind compliments. I really appreciate you taking the time to words. God bless you!💜


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