Why I Decided To Share My Perspective

FC275CAF-FF09-458E-A261-D10E8AD8E2BDI hope to make Perspective by Zena T: Life Through My Eyes, a venue for me to work on improving my writing skill and for me to express my thoughts, beliefs and opinions about a plethora of topics. Some of the posts you read may sadden you, some will hopefully make you smile, some may make you think to yourself “I wonder what was going on with her when she wrote this?,”I guess that depends on your interpretation. It is my hope that you are enlightened by some of the subject matter that you read.

I just want to share life in the way that I see it, both the positive and negative aspects of life. I am a person who always tries to treat others as I would like to be treated and spread love, kindness, compassion & positivity through my words and actions. I have come to believe that there is a reason that God has given me a little bit of writing skill/talent and maybe my service to the world is to share life through my eyes in hopes that something I’ve said/written is enlightening to others.


Thank you to everyone who stops by to read my perspective.💜